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"Unforgettable. Entertaining. Professional. Best ever.” - just some of the praise Black & Whyte Dueling Pianos has received from happy clients all across the United States.

Each show is tailored specifically to your event to ensure that everyone has a good time. Bring out the laughter at your next corporate function. Get your grandparents and grandkids up to dance and laugh together at your wedding reception. Bring all of your patrons together in a howling chorus at your next fundraiser. Get worry-free, hands-on assistance with every aspect of your entertainment needs from our team of professionals each step of the way from booking to performance.

Rest assured that Black & Whyte provides you the best - professional-grade sound, quality show lighting, industry-leading show instruments and the best-of-the-best entertainers (make this a link to the “entertainers” section) - all fully insured and guaranteed to take your party to the next level. Looking for the most fun you can have at your next event? The answer is Black & Whyte

Happy Black & Whyte Clients

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we love our talented duelers. you will, too!
  • Adam

  • Becca

  • Charlie K

  • Charlie O

  • Kevin K

  • Sarah

  • Mark

  • Bonnie

  • Kevin G

  • Patty

  • Conrad

  • Tim

  • Van

  • Trey

  • Martha

  • Scott

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